IQ Lending

IQ Lending has had over 20 years of experience and has service over thousands of funded loans, we are one of the top choices for real estate financing big or small IQ Loans does it all. We pride ourselves on funding the impossible, successfully securing deals the traditional banks won’t consider.

Our three main services include conventional, stated income hard money/fix and flip loans. We currently currently have more than $100 million in available capital to invest. Getting pre-approved with our agents will take you just a few minutes and a non-invasive credit check.

We are grateful to everyone of our borrowers who have allowed us to grow our lending potential over the last three decades. Over the years, our borrowers have returned major profits for themselves and their investors generating $250 Million in Capital.

If you need help with a loan of any size or have some extra questions please do not hesitate to give us  a call. IQ Realty & Lending, Your east county lending specialist.

Contact us for any lending questions: Contact IQ Today!